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In 2004 on the occasion of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the National School of Music "Lyubomir Pipkov”, the new concert hall of the school was opened. The first event to be held here was the edition of the Annual International Competition "Young virtuosos”.

The creation of the first music school in Bulgaria is associated with the name of Ivan Shishmanov , Minister of Education from 1903 to 1907, who made a lot for the development of the education in our country. On 16th March 1904, a small group of people, who will go down in history as founders of the first Bulgarian music school, approved of its first necessary regulations .
It was decided that the school will be a private one but state-subsidized and also that it will work under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Education. The staff of teachers was specified: Katya Stoyanova, Mara Cheren, Nikolay Nikolaev, Karel Yermarzh, Petko Naumov, Henry Vizner, Alois Matsak, Karl Kautsky and Dimitar Hadzhigeorgiev The official formal opening took place on 16 January 1905.
In the coming years, the number of the enrolled students rose rapidly. The foundation of the school choir and orchestra was already a fact. In 1906 Dobri Hristov joined the teaching staff of the school. In the autumn of 1907 a civilian choir was established at the school of music, under his leadership. In 1909 the violin teacher Petko Naumov formed a quartet, which performed concerts every Sunday. The Music School was gradually becoming one of the centers of musical culture in our country.

On 12 March1912 the National Assembly decided to transform the school into a state one. In 1921 the music school became the middle division of the newly opened Music Academy. The most prominent teachers of the school - Dobri Hristov, Petko Naumov, Hans Koch, Henry Vizner, Ivan Cibulka, Dimitar Hadzhigeorgiev, Andrei Stoyanov, Todor Torchanov, Dimitar Radev and others were honored as professors.

After 1974, Sofia school adopted the name of the great Bulgarian composer Lyubomir Pipkov. Since 1997 as a result of its excellent achievements over a serious period of time, it was transformed into the National School of Music "Lyubomir Pipkov“.

Over the years, NMS "Lyubomir Pipkov” has been recognized as one of the leading music schools in Bulgaria. Its graduates continually win awards and diplomas in local and international competitions and perform successfully on concert stages in Bulgaria and abroad.

It is impossible to list the names of all the prominent alumni of Sofia Music School. Many of the best Bulgarian musicians began their music career in it: Georgi Badev, Stefan Popov, Georgi Zhelyazov, Nikolai Evrov, Anton Dikov, Stoika Milanova, Dimo Dimov, Jules Levy, Alexander Vladigerov, Bozidar Noev, Ivan Drenikov, Margarita Lilova, Sabin Markov, Martha Deianova, Emil Chakarov Ventseslav Nikolov, Krassimir Gatev, Lydia Oshavkova, Milena Mollova, Victor Chouchkov, Petko Radev, Veselin and Martin Panteleev, Mila and Juliana Georgiev, Vanya Milanova and many others made their way to becoming eminent musicians at the State Academy of Music and dozens of other reputable higher institutions of music, worldwide. New reorganization of the structure of musical life in Bulgaria occurred in 1946. Then Sofia Music School was separated and again became an institution of its own. Many distinguished

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